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Why wear activewear?

Mary Crowder

Posted on October 01 2017

You want to feel good while you work out.  That's actually my main reason for wearing nice workout clothes.  I work out at home to DVDs, but I still get in my special workout clothes.  I want to feel good about myself when I work out.  I find that I'm more likely to give a workout "my all" if I'm wearing nice clothing.  I've been lazy and just thrown on any old over-sized T-shirt and some old stretchy pants, but I really do find that I work out harder and feel better afterwards if I get into the appropriate attire.


Show off your muscles.  Okay, no criticism on these photos - I don't pretend to be some great athlete in wonderful shape, but I do like to see that the muscles I'm working are actually contracting and you cat see that better in the proper clothes.  I also wanted to show you these designs that will be in stock late November.



Pick the right fabric.  Sure, you could just do some weight training in a t-shirt if you'd like, but with so many great workout fabrics why would you?  Yoga clothes should have spandex in them so they will be more form fitting. When you're doing inversions you don't want your top to fall over your head (sorry, no photo of myself for that one - the plank is the closest you're going to get to a yoga pose).  For cardio workouts you want to wear something with moisture wicking properties (polyester, bamboo, or spandex blends) so you aren't exercising in a wet, sweaty shirt - you want to stay cool, dry, and comfortable.  

Yoga tops happen to be my favorite - I think they're very flattering.  My hope is that some day it will be socially acceptable to wear them all the time, but until then I'm okay with a muscle shirt or an Ori Active tank too.




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